Pike Co. Health Fest And Smoke-Free Air Forum A Success

In Local News on November 22, 2010 at 12:20 pm

The Pike Co. Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Coalition hosted the Pike Co. Health Fest at Winslow Community Center Saturday. The Patoka Township Fire Department served a chili lunch, the Pike Co. Health Department gave flu shots, and several groups had informational booths, including Golden Living Center, Pike Co. Dept. of Child Services, Purdue Extension, and the Pike Co. Sheriff’s Department. About 40 people attended the event.

Three speakers talked about secondhand smoke in the workplace and the need for a smoke-free workplace state law. The first speaker was Dr. Fenol with Petersburg Medical Clinic. He talked about how secondhand smoke can cause lung cancer, respiratory disease, heart disease, breast cancer, asthma, and other health problems.

The second speaker was Marilyn McCullough with Thompson Insurance. She talked about how secondhand smoke raises health and building insurance costs and building maintenance costs. She also mentioned studies showing restaurants and bars that go smoke-free do not lose profits and sometimes even become more profitable.

Lastly, Buffy McKinney spoke about her mother, Cheryl Rose, who never smoked but died this spring of lung cancer caused by working in a smoky casino. Buffy also talked about the need for a state law that protects all workers from secondhand smoke.

All three speakers agreed that we should protect workers and the public from secondhand smoke in the same way we protect them from contaminated food and hazardous working conditions.

  1. It was a great forum. We received good information about the serious and deadly effects of exposure to secondhand smoke in the workplace. It was an honor to be there as Buffy, Dr. Fenol and Marilyn gave us the facts and helped us better understand the importance of passing smokefree laws.

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