Smoke-Free Policies – Cheap and Effective

In Local News on October 28, 2010 at 9:35 am

Did you know that a smoke-free workplace policy can save your business a lot of money?

The Task Force on Community Preventive Services recommended smoke-free workplace policies after finding that policies effectively reduce exposure to secondhand smoke and reduce tobacco use among workers. While a policy making indoor areas smoke-free is excellent, a smoke-free grounds policy that provides cessation assistance is even better at protecting non-smoking employees and motivating smoking employees to quit.

Not only is a smoke-free workplace policy one of the most effective things you can do to reduce tobacco-related costs, it is one of the least expensive. According to the Guide to Community Preventive Services, implementing a smoke-free workplace policy costs $526 per quality of life year while providing free nicotine replacement patches costs $4,613 per quality of life year. And a business could save about $3,400 per year for each employee who quits smoking due to a smoke-free workplace policy.

For more information about smoke-free policies and the free resources available in Daviess County to help you implement policies and cessation programs, contact Sally Petty, coordinator of the Daviess County Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Coalition, at 812-698-0232 or


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