If N.C Can Do It, Surely Indiana Can

In State News on January 8, 2010 at 1:18 pm

This letter to the editor was published in the Indianapolis Star:

So far behind other states with no-smoking policies

Now that the No. 1 tobacco state in the country, North Carolina, has gone smoke free for bars and restaurants, can Indiana finally do the same? How is it that Indiana and Indianapolis purport to be progressive and yet we’re behind North Carolina in this? That’s ridiculous and embarrassing.

I challenge our elected leaders — Mayor Greg Ballard, Indianapolis City-County Council members and state politicians — to do the right thing and pass a comprehensive smoking ban. We need this to protect the public. I find it ironic and hypocritical that Ballard’s main goal is public safety and he’s against the smoking ban.

Any perceived loss of business is more than offset by the health costs the state incurs due to smoking, smoking-related diseases and secondhand smoke. And can we dispense with the personal rights invasion argument? Let’s get this smoking ban done.

Mike Shanley



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