Lance Armstrong On Tobacco

In National News on September 8, 2009 at 8:26 am

Lance Armstrong spoke out about tobacco in a recent USA Today article:

As we were wrapping up our session at the Global Cancer Summit, I received an interesting question from the Indian delegate: “If you had to choose one thing to focus on to reduce cancer rates, what would it be?” That’s easy: tobacco. It’s the only product that, if used as directed, will kill you. One third of all cancer deaths are attributed to this drug.

I joined my good friend Dr. John Seffrin from the American Cancer Society along with the world’s leading tobacco control experts to roll out the third edition of the “Tobacco Atlas.” The Atlas chronicles the prevalence of tobacco use, health risks, economic costs, marketing and legislation of tobacco worldwide. One hundred million people were killed by tobacco in the 20th century and if we do nothing, another 1 billion lives will be lost in the 21st.

At LIVESTRONG, we talk a lot about bridging the gap between what we know and what we do. We know that tobacco kills. We need to bridge this gap by educating people around the globe about the dangers of tobacco and do all we can to stop the use of the products.


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