Snus Is Dangerous

In State News on May 8, 2009 at 10:15 am


Not a lot is known about the health effects of snus, but we now know that the snus sold in Sweden increases risk of stroke. We do not know what all the ingredients/additives are in American snus from Camel or Marlboro, but these companies are not known for the safety of their products. They manipulate the amount of nicotine and other ingredients to get smokers more deeply addicted (and therefore take even more of their money).

The more we find out about alternative tobacco products like snus, the more I think we will find the tobacco companies using the same tactics to keep smokers addicted to tobacco as smoking in public becomes less and less acceptable. Just this week, the city of Franklin removed all exemptions to their smoking ban so even bars, hotel rooms, and private clubs will be smoke-free starting next month.

As Franklin’s city council president said, “A lot of people said we should wait for the state to pass a statewide ban. But this was a very important issue, and it’s our role to do what’s best for our citizens.”

You can be sure a lot of lawmakers and business people will be watching to see what the effect of the smoking ban is on the hospitality industry in Franklin.


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