Franklin Has New Smokefree Workplace Ordinance

In State News on May 5, 2009 at 7:36 am

This article was published in the Indianapolis Star yesterday. What a great ordinance! We need something like this state-wide.

Franklin adopts wide-ranging smoking ban

FRANKLIN, Ind. — Franklin City Council on Monday adopted a wide-ranging smoking ban that prohibits smoking in bars and bingo halls.

The measure is a stricter version of an ordinance that was adopted in November 2006.

In addition to bars and bingo halls, the ordinance bans smoking in private clubs and enclosed public places, including convention and gaming facilities and all enclosed places of employment. The ordinance also includes outdoor seating at restaurants.

The ban also prohibits smoking in enclosed city-owned facilities, which includes vehicles owned, leased or operated by the city, as well as all hotel rooms within the city.

Lobbies, hallways and other common areas of apartment buildings, condominiums, mobile home parks, retirement facilities, nursing homes and other multiple-unit residential facilities also are included in the ordinance.

A person who violates the ordinance is subject to a fine of up to $50. Business owners are subject to a fine of up to $100 for a first-time violation, up to $200 for a second violation within one year and up to $500 for each additional violation within one year.

Before adopting the measure, City Attorney Robert H. Schafstall said the council made one change to allow smokers to light up near the entrances of bars and other establishments. The proposal had required smokers to stand at least 10 feet from an open door or window.


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