No Smoking Ban This Year

In State News on April 24, 2009 at 7:53 am

It appears we will not get comprehensive smokefree workplace legislation in place this year. HB 1213 did not make it past the Senate. There was a “strip and insert” attempt to put smokefree air language into HB 1208. There was about 15 minutes of discussion among the conferees.

Senator Simpson mentioned she would not support any language which included preemption. Senator Lawson said discussions in the Senate had centered around home rule and that they felt watered down version that the House passed had too many exemptions.

The current word is that the Senate Republican caucus will not sign and agree to consider a conference committee report with smokefree air language this year. They feel that the issue was considered by Sen. Alting as chair of the Commerce, Public Policy, and Interstate Cooperation Committee and they will not usurp the committee process.

Of course, everything is not final until the General Assembly is completely done at the end of the session so please stay tuned.

For more about this issue, read this Post-Tribune article.

  1. The ban lobbyists are instructed to let a ban with exemptions pass just to get a foot in the door, then come back every year to whittle away at the exemptions until thay are all gone. they obviously didn’t read the last page of the tax exempt political action committees (charities???) book. Here it is.

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