Update on HB 1213

In State News on April 9, 2009 at 7:08 am

HB1213 stalled in the Senate committee, and there are not enough votes to amend the law to make it comprehensive, so it will not get a hearing in this committee this week.

There now may be an effort to amend the present weak, exemption-laden version of HB1213 into another bill in conference committee. We want to remain vigilant with our message to legislators that we want a comprehensive smokefree law, not a weak, loophole-ridden law, and we would rather wait for a comprehensive law than to adopt a weak law that doesn’t protect all workers.  Twenty-five states now protect workers –including those who work in all bars and restaurants—and we want a law that protects all of Indiana’s workers, too, not weak half-measures.

Also, tomorrow morning the Indiana Senate Appropriations Committee will release the Senate version of the biennial budget. ITPC’s budget is part of this biennial budget. Please contact members of the Indiana General Assembly and ask them to sustain ITPC’s funding at present levels so we can reduce the serious toll of tobacco in Indiana and keep doing the great work in our communities throughout Indiana.

Currently, ITPC is appropriated at $16.2 per year for this past biennium that ends in July, and the House budget and the Governor’s recommendation put ITPC at $14.5 million per year for this next biennium.


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