Smokefree Laws And Smokefree Restaurants

In Local News on March 27, 2009 at 7:57 am


Cities that enact smokefree workplaces laws see drops in heart attack rates. That’s just one statistic that shows how harmful secondhand smoke is. In Washington, I’ve only found three restaurants that still allow smoking — Ponderosa, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Los Reyes. Restaurants in general, and the the first two restaurants in this list in particular, employ lots of teens. Can you even imagine the harm the secondhand smoke in these restaurants is causing our teens?

We have lots of smokefree options in our county. Most of us will be going out to eat for Easter and Mother’s Day in the next couple months. Let’s patronize and support smokefree restaurants not only to show support for smokefree policies, but to protect the health of our families and loved ones. Restaurant owners that allow smoking often have the misconception that they will lose business if they go smokefree. While that is proven false, lets show them that they can lose business by continuing to allow smoking, harming the health of their customers and employees.

Here is the list I have compiled so far of restaurants in Daviess County that are smokefree. This list is not comprehensive; there are still a few restaurants that I have not been able to determine whether or not they are smokefree.

Arbys, Washington
Black Buggy, Washington
Washington Family Restaurant
Gasthof, Montgomery
Glenna’s Country Diner, Montgomery
Hardees, Washington
Knepp’s Country Café, Washington
Long John Silver’s, Washington
Mason’s, Washington
McDonald’s, Washington
Mi Pueblo, Washington
Mr. Gatti’s, Washington
Odon Essen Haus
Pizza Hut, Washington
Reid’s Deli, Washington
Snack Shack, Washington
Stoll’s Lakeview Restaurant, Loogootee
Stop and Sea, Montgomery
Subway, Washington
Wendy’s, Washington
White Steamer, Washington


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