Today’s The Big Day

In Local News on March 16, 2009 at 8:53 am

Today is the day of the INFluence event about mental health, addictions and tobacco that I have been planning with the Pike County TPC Coalition since December. Everything has gone so smoothly that I’m really excited about seeing how the event turns out this afternoon.

We’ll have booths from the Daviess County Security Center, MAIN Team, Lighthouse, Martin County Ambulance Service and Daviess County TPC, and Tom Lux and Pete Aldrich will present some very important information for our communities to consider.

I’d especially like to thank everyone who has made this event happen, including the TPC coalitions in both Daviess and Pike counties, and our partner organizations: Indiana Office of Women’s Health, Hoosier Uplands, Purdue Extension, Mental Health America, Indiana Tobacco Prevention and Cessation, Indianapolis Power and Light, Pike County Health Department, Daviess County Health Department, MAIN Team, Lighthouse Recovery Center, JAM Club, Daviess County Family YMCA, and RSVP.

Hope to see you at 4:30 today at the IPL Communications Building!


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