Pike Central MS Letter Contest

In Local News on March 13, 2009 at 7:22 am

Toni Sollman’s health class at Pike middle school recently held a letter-writing contest about why people should not use tobacco. The Pike County Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Coalition judged the contest and chose Lucas Hardin as the first place winner. Runners up were Alli Sims, Loren Betz and Michaela Keller. Here is the winning letter:

Dear Tobacco Coalition,

I think tobacco should be outlawed because of very many reasons. The first one is that more than 430,000 people die from a disease caused by cigarettes. Tobacco should be exempt from Pike County because it is disgusting and just in one person’s lifetime they spend thousands and thousands of dollars on cigarettes.

It also has over 4,000 chemicals and over 200 of them are dangerous to humans. The most commonly known ones are nicotine, tar, and carbon monoxide. Then there is secondhand smoke. This is dangerous to the smoker and to people around the smoker. This also contributes to one way the air gets contaminated.

Now that we are in tougher times, everyone tries to save as much as they can. But when they are addicted, they can’t let it go. Adults who smoke in front of children are teaching them a bad example about smoking. Tobacco companies try to lure young ones and teenagers into smoking because the more users there are the more guaranteed money they get.

Smoking in restaurants is bad for everyone because then everyone has to suffer the consequences of secondhand smoke. Tobacco companies spend more than 18.5 million dollars a day on tobacco advertising. I think they make way too much money and someone needs to put a stop to it.

Lucas Hardin


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