New Tobacco Product Display

In Local News, State News on March 11, 2009 at 7:40 am

I’m working on a display for the INFluence event Monday and the YMCA Healthy Kids Day Fair next Saturday to show parents the various products the tobacco companies are producing to lure children. Fortunately, some of the worst products, the ones that look the most like candy, aren’t being sold here in Washington yet, but they are in other parts of Indiana.

One of these products, the Camel Orb, looks like a Tic-Tac and contains the nicotine of three cigarettes. If kids eat them like Tic-Tacs they could get seriously ill or die from nicotine overdose. Parents need to know what these products look like and how they can harm their children.


These are some of the products I did pick up:

  • Virginia Slims Superslims Lights. These skinny little cigarettes are sold in pink and teal packages that look like something lipstick would come in.


  • Camel Crush cigarettes, which change from regular to menthol when you squeeze the filter.
  • Marlboro Snus in spearmint flavor. Although none of the Washington stores I visited have the Camel snus in refrigerated tins that looks like mint tins, they did sell me Marlboro snus. Snus is smokeless, spitless tobacco in a tiny teabag-like package that users can place between the cheek and gum. Teens will sometimes put this kind of product in their armpits, bras, and underwear to maintain their nicotine addiction without getting caught. Like regular spit tobacco, snus can cause cancer. The package itself says it is not a safe alternative to cigarettes.


  • Skoal Bandits. These tiny pouches are similar to snus and have been around a little longer.
  • Camel No. 9 cigarettes. Again, pretty pink and teal packaging appeals to women and girls. This brand of cigarettes started the INFluence movement as women took exception to tobacco companies targeting them. The African-American community has experienced the same reaction with the hip-hop Kool packages that eventually were pulled from the shelves.


  • Grape and strawberry flavored cigarellos. These are cheaper than cigarettes because they are not taxed like cigarettes. The singles are easy for kids to steal.

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