More Interesting Stats

In National News on February 26, 2009 at 9:35 am

Continued from yesterday’s post:

The lower the level of education, the greater the risk of being a current smoker, smoking daily, smoking heavily, being nicotine dependent, starting to smoke at an early age, having higher levels of circulating nicotinine per cigarettes smoked, and continuing to smoke in pregnancy. Educational level and smoking in pregnancy independently increase the risk of offspring smoking and antisocial and anxious/depressed behavior problems.

Economic conditions greatly impact the rate of women smokers and pregnant women smokers. So we need not only to help individual women quit smoking, we need to work on changing the social and economic conditions in which they live.

At 1999–2004 levels, secondhand smoke caused 21,800 to 75,100 deaths and 38,100 to 128,900 heart attacks annually, with a yearly treatment cost of $1.8 to $6.0 billion. If recent trends in the reduction in the prevalence of secondhand smoke continue from 2000 to 2008, the burden would be reduced by approximately 25%–30%.

Secondhand smoke-related illness and disease remains a substantial clinical and economic burden in the U.S. However, the decline in exposure rates in recent years will lead to a reduction by as much as 30% if current downward trends in exposure continue.

The infants who lived with a smoker were more likely to need acute care for respiratory illnesses compared to those who weren’t exposed. Very low birth weight infants may benefit from interventions that decrease exposure to respiratory triggers, especially secondhand smoke.


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