Town Hall Meeting

In Local News on February 16, 2009 at 8:47 am

Saturday, I attended a town hall meeting in Winslow with Sen. Lindel Hume, Rep. Mark Messmer, and Rep. Craig Battles. I talked about HB 1213, the one that would have banned smoking in all workplaces, including bars and casinos, until the Public Policy Committee amended it. They also included a provision that would not allow local governments to pass a stronger law than the state law.

I told the congressmen on behalf of the coalitions in Pike and Daviess counties that we believe all workers should receive equal protection, even those who work in bars and casinos, because sometimes these people don’t have much of a choice about where they work, especially in today’s economy. I also pointed out that removing this exemption would save our state millions in health care costs, money that could be used to create jobs and educate our kids.

I also asked them to support any ammendment that would remove the preemption clause because local governments should be able to pass laws that are stronger than state law if they desire. Right now, they would have to do it before the end of 2009, but I don’t think there should be any time limit. Sometimes it takes longer than a year for a city or county to decide they want to ban smoking in all workplaces.

The congressmen seemed favorable toward removing the preemption clause but not toward removing the exemptions for places that allow admittance only to people 18 and over. Voice your opinion on this very important matter by calling Rep. Mark Messmer, who covers the Daviess and Pike district, at 800-382-9841 or email him at Remind him that his own survey showed 55 percent of people in his district would support a statewide smoking ban.

  1. University Wisconsin stout polytechnic Considers Campus Smoking ban
    indoors and outdoors cross campus.

    article here:

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