Smokefree Workplace Bill Compromised

In State News on February 11, 2009 at 1:04 pm

As you have or will hear, the House Public Policy Committee sided with the tobacco, casino, and tavern industry and stripped HB 1213 of any real protection for workers. Below is an ICSA statement which  is being distributed widely. More details to come.

We are wholly disappointed in the bill that has passed out of committee. It not only leaves out the most exposed and least protected workers from protection from disease and death due to secondhand smoke in the workplace, but it also regrettably and unacceptably limits the ability of local cities and towns to adopt stronger laws that do protect workers.

We will use this opportunity to convince legislators to reject this flawed and backwards-looking measure and return HB1213 to a comprehensive smokefree workplace law that truly protects all workers without limiting the ability of local municipalities from adopting a stronger law than state law.

This bill must be drastically amended to protect all Hoosier workers as it advances through the legislative process. Preemptive language must be removed. If HB 1213 comes to a final vote in its present form, we will vehemently oppose it.


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