Turn The Tables On Big Tobacco

In State News on January 19, 2009 at 9:16 am

Philip  Morris is at it again. They have created a hotline that will connect you with your state senators. Philip Morris wants you to tell them that you don’t want a higher tobacco tax to provide healthcare for children.

They say taxing cigarettes places an unfair burden on adult smokers, but smoking places an unfair burden on all taxpayers in healthcare costs, and an unfair burden on the smokers themselves in terms of disease and early death. Hmm… taxes or life… which is more important to you?Philip Morris logo

The great thing about this hotline? After sitting through a minute of Philip Morris telling you that tobacco taxes are bad (Ummm, nope, they aren’t! Smoking rates drop when tobacco taxes go up!), you can be connected to your Senator and tell them you WANT tobacco products to be taxed more!

How do you do it?

1) Call 866-527-4494

2) Input your zip code, then press 1 to confirm your zip code

3) Press 6

4) Press 2 or 5

5) Sit through a recorded voice of a Big Tobacco spokesperson telling you how bad and unfair tobacco taxes are. Try not to sprain your eyes as you’re rolling them.

6) Get connected to your State Senator and let them know that a deadly, addictive product that is marketed to kids should be taxed more. The tax will fund healthcare, and tobacco costs our nation billions in healthcare each year.

To find out more, visit Philip Morris’ Say No site, and use Big Tobacco’s system against them!


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