ALA Annual Report Card

In State News on January 16, 2009 at 8:12 am

The American Lung Association has released its 2008 report card, The State Of Tobacco Control, assessing state-level tobacco control policies for each state. Indiana received an F for spending level on comprehensive tobacco prevention and control programs, an F for smokefree air, a D for cigarette taxes, and a C for overall state cessation coverage.

On the bright side, Indiana’s increase in the cigarette tax in 2007 from 55.5 cents to 99.5 cents caused a 20.5 percent reduction in cigarette use in 2008. This year, the General Assembly is considering a bill that would raise taxes on other tobacco products to keep people from switching to them as a cheaper alternative.

The General Assembly is also considering two bills that would cause all workplaces to be smokefree, including restaurants, bars and casinos. Another bill would require insurance to cover cessation medications.

So, we are making great strides in this state, but we still have a lot of room to improve.


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