Through With Chew Week

In Local News on January 13, 2009 at 8:26 am

mouth_cancer2Through With Chew Week is coming up February 15 to 21. This movement started in Wyoming, which has a drastically higher rate of smokeless tobacco use than the national average, and has spread across the nation.

Many people wrongly assume that smokeless tobacco is a safer alternative to smoking. But in reality, it causes some truly horrific cancers. (See photo…) Many Hoosier youth (37%) are aware of “alternative” tobacco products and most (64%) did not express a strong belief that these alternative products are not safer than smoking. These Hoosier youth may be susceptible to tobacco industry marketing of “safer” alternatives to smoking.

So in Feburary, Daviess and Pike counties’  TPC coalitions are working to educate people about the dangers of smokeless tobacco. We’re looking at doing a traveling display that week in all the area schools, and putting fliers on pizza boxes at the major pizza restaurants. The push will carry over into March, when we plan to have a booth at the YMCA Health Kids Day fair.

To join us in educating our counties about the dangers of tobacco in all forms, email Sally Petty at


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