5 Tips For A Tobacco-Free 2009

In State News on January 2, 2009 at 5:01 pm

As the new year unfolds, state health officials remind Hoosiers that the ‘best’ time to quit smoking is right now.


“The start of the new year is a time when many people prepare themselves for making positive changes in their life…and we want to encourage anyone who’s trying to quit smoking to access the free resources available to quitline-logohelp them be successful,” said Karla Sneegas, executive director, Indiana Tobacco Prevention and Cessation (ITPC) agency.


1.  Leave cold turkey for sandwiches

Trying to quit smoking using the cold turkey method is the least successful way to approach a tobacco free 2009. Studies show that talking and planning with trained quit coaches combined with medications that help alleviate the physical addiction of nicotine will increase your odds from less than 5 percent (cold turkey) to more than 40 percent.


2.  Appoint a personal quit-smoking cabinet

Just in time for the presidential inauguration, form your own “cabinet” of helpers, advisors and/or supporters to help you quit smoking and support you. Your spouse, your kids, your parents, your friends, your co-workers, your doctor, your dentist, your minister!


3.  Quit as a team

Quitting together with others (family or co-workers) really does work. The social support you receive quitting together can help everyone on the team be successful.


4.  Adjust for the new you

Each puff of nicotine is like a spoon releasing stored fats and sugars into your bloodstream. To keep this from happening, spread out your normal calorie intake and drink plenty of acidic fruit juice (such as cranberry), especially during the first 3 days after you quit. Amazingly, nicotine somehow doubles the rate by which the body depletes caffeine. Yes, your blood-serum caffeine level can double if no caffeine intake reduction is made when quitting. Although not a problem for most light to moderate caffeine users, consider cutting caffeine intake by roughly half if you’re troubled by anxieties or experiencing difficulty relaxing or sleeping.


5.  Make a call to your lifeline

The Indiana Tobacco Quitline offers free one-to-one telephone counseling for Hoosier tobacco users who are ready to quit. You will talk with a trained Quit Coach who has who has helped others quit and understands what you are going through. CALL 1-800-QUIT-NOW.


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